Thank you for your participation in the Seattle Flu Study.

Once your results have been processed, you may access them in more detail via our secure web portal. This web portal provides results for all Seattle Flu Study (SFS) research participants, including the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) and Husky Coronavirus Testing (HCT).

As a reminder, SFS is not a clinical service or a replacement for medical care. If you are experiencing a severe illness such as difficulty breathing, please contact a doctor immediately. Once your swab has been returned to our lab, it may take 2-3 days for the status of your test result to be available.

SFS tests for current COVID-19 illness. Our test cannot identify if you previously had COVID-19, and does not test for COVID-19 antibodies at this time.

Regardless of whether or not your sample tests positive for COVID-19, we recommend you follow state, local and national guidelines for infection control and prevention.

Please note that this portal only provides results and information for Seattle Flu Study research participants. It cannot provide results for users who have received testing from UW Medicine or other outlets.